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Applying for an expat mortgage

Buyers that live abroad often want to keep a property in the UK, but is the mortgage application process different?

Shared Ownership Mortgage

There are a number of different options and routes to think about when looking into getting a mortgage, and a shared ownership is one scheme which may be a helpful road to go down.

25 Mile radius from Heathrow Mortgages

Working within aviation is an exciting and demanding job, with long hours and stressful shifts.

Buy to Let market

Throughout the last decade, the Buy-to-Let market has doubled, with thousands of ordinary people becoming trusted and successful landlords within the last 30 years.

Mortgages for ground staff

Overseas holidays have taken a rise year by year, with Gatwick seeing over 8 million summer passengers through their gates in 2017 Summer time alone.

Mortgages for Air Hostesses/ Cabin Crew

We understand how demanding working as cabin crew can be, and we want to make sure that the idea of getting a mortgage is something you can look at in a positive and exciting way, rather than seeing it as a stressful and somewhat daunting route to go down

Getting a Mortgage with Virgin Cash Passport

When it comes to buying a property, we know just how stressful the process of finding the right mortgage can be. We understand your pay structure which is something that not many mortgage lenders will take into consideration.

Why choose The Airline Mortgage Shop

It can be a stressful time looking for the right mortgage, especially for those with unconventional working hours. Here are The Airline Mortgage Shop we offer a friendly a helpful team who are ready to get you started on your property journey.

Getting on the Property Ladder in the Aviation Industry

When looking for your first property it can seem daunting, and if you have never owned your own property then it can be extremely difficult to make your way onto the property ladder.

Mortgages for Pilots

At the Airline Mortgage Shop we recognise this anomaly and have arranged mortgages for clients across many roles within the airline industry. We understand your non-taxable pay, expenses, allowances, flight pay and cash passports.