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Cabin Crew, Captain or Baggage Handler - Let us Help You!

Airline Mortgage Shop specialise in mortgages for flight crew, cabin crew, and all types of ground staff. Customer facing or behind the scenes, we understand the many different pay structures and have specialist knowledge of which lenders will best suit your situation.

We pride ourselves on our professional and courteous manner and comprehend that your time away from the job is invaluable. As such we can contact you at a time that is convenient, be it day or night. We will provide individually tailored advice from the experts within our team, to suit your specific needs. We have strong and trusted relationships with all major lenders and use this bond to ensure we find the right result for every single customer.

Why use The Airline Mortgage Shop?

5 of the many reasons we are trusted by thousands of customers across the UK with their finances are:

  • Award winning financial advice

  • Personal review from one of the UK's leading financial advisers

  • Quick, hassle-free, simple service

  • We will search the market, saving you time and effort

  • Access to exclusive products not available on the High Street

Finding the Right Mortgage for You

At Airline Mortgage Shop we hope to make your lives easier by lending a hand when you most need it. We know it may have been difficult in the past to get a mortgage that suits you; whether you are on a short haul or a long haul, permanent or temporary contract, we can find you the perfect mortgage to suit your needs.

If you crave the insider knowledge of which lenders will or won’t accept you as an applicant, get in touch with us and we can help make the mortgage process as stress free and seamless as possible.

Tailor-Made Advice

We review your circumstances individually and provide advice in a friendly and professional manner, using our experience and qualifications to ensure that our client is, where possible, always provided with advice that is tailor-made to their specific circumstances and objectives.

We believe that loyalty is something that needs to be earned. It is essential to us that your mortgage requirements are handled in a prompt and professional manner by our team of mortgage and insurance advisers. Our customers like the fact they can come back years later and consult with the same adviser that took care of them last time. We can advise on a range of financial products, including;

  • Mortgages/Remortgages

  • Life Insurance

  • Critical Illness Cover

  • Income Protection

  • Contents & Buildings Cover