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Throughout the last decade, the Buy-to-Let market has doubled, with thousands of ordinary people becoming trusted and successful landlords within the last 30 years.

Not only is the rental income a simple way to pay off mortgages, but first-time landlords are now able to enjoy capital growth on their property, leaving them savings on top of this.

Whether you are looking to buy your first Buy-to-Let property, or you are just building to the number of properties you already have, you can rely on Airline Mortgage Shop to find and secure the right buy which will maximise your potential profit.

You may find that the Buy-to-Let market is the right route for you if you;

  • Plan on buying a house to let for the extra income
  • Plan on a holiday home purchase which you intend to let
  • Currently have a property you are unable to sell
  • Are looking into a long term financial investment 

There are a few things we advise you to consider before you decide whether to go for Buy-to-Let:

  • Your property may rise or fall in value
  • Your interest rate may rise or fall 
  • It involves taking a risk

The Airline Mortgage Shop are Buy-to-Let mortgage specialists, and we will be able you helpful and informative advice when looking to go down this path.

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