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Advantages of a New Build Home

With new housing developments being built all over the country, there's a good selection of new homes on the market at the moment. New home may seem slightly more expensive than older properties and less spacious however they can offer a number of attractive benefits including:

  • An NHBC guarantee which covers any potential structural problems.
  • A brand new fitted kitchen, bathrooms and fixtures and fittings which could save you paying out for redecoration in the near future.
  • The possibility of choosing aspects of your home such as kitchen, bathroom tiles and flooring if it hasn't finished being built yet.
  • A more energy efficient home than an older property, saving you money on monthly utility costs.

With new housing developments cropping up all over the country, as the government attempt to meet targets of building hundreds of thousands of new homes in the next few years, there is a plenty of homes available.

Helping you into Your New Build Home

Airline Mortgage Shop can quickly and efficiently help you find a suitable mortgage for your new build home. No special mortgage is required for a new build property however some lenders may require a larger deposit than normal and developers often require exchange and completion in a very short timescale. Airline Mortgage Shop can help by:

  • Searching for the most suitable mortgage deal for you
  • Processing all the required paperwork
  • Ensuring every aspect of your mortgage application are dealt with swiftly
  • Helping you to arrange any relevant insurance

New Build Mortgage Advice

Getting a mortgage for a new build home is very similar to any other property other than some lenders requiring a slightly higher deposit. However with a new build the progress and timing of your mortgage application can be crucial. Airline Mortgage Shop can ensure your mortgage application is running smoothly and to timescale, helping you into your brand new home as soon as possible!

Contact Airline Mortgage Shop for help and advice about mortgages for new build homes.