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The growth in overseas holidays and business travel has seen more and more airlines being launched in recent times and with that there naturally comes a growing number of clients working in this industry. From pilots to cabin crew and those that work in airports, there are many people involved in getting travellers to and from their destinations.

When it comes to arranging a mortgage, your pay structure can be very challenging with the majority of high street lenders. At the Airline Mortgage Shop we recognise this anomaly and have arranged mortgages for clients across many roles within the airline industry. We understand your non-taxable pay, expenses, allowances, flight pay and cash passports.


Remortgaging your home could reduce your monthly mortgage payments or even release some equity from the value of the property. The money can then be used to pay off any existing debts or help with home improvements. As a Pilot we understand that your working week is very different from ours and we will always seek to contact you at a time that is convenient. 

First Time Buyers:

Are you trying to get your foot onto the property ladder? Airline Mortgage Shop can help you understand the differences between the various offers available and ensure you secure a mortgage that fits your situation. Our specialists are on hand to help you with your first property search. 

Moving Home:

Moving home can be a stressful time but at Airline Mortgage Shop we can quickly and easily locate the best mortgage product suited to your circumstances. Whether you are looking to downsize or move to a larger property, let our team help you.

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