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The growth in overseas holidays and business travel has seen more and more airlines being launched in recent times and with that there naturally comes a growing number of clients working in this industry. From pilots to cabin crew and those that work in airports, there are many people involved in getting travellers to and from their destinations.

When it comes to arranging a mortgage, your pay structure can be very challenging when dealing with the majority of lenders. However, we at the Airline Mortgage Shop recognise this anomaly and have arranged mortgages for clients across many roles within the airline industry. We know that the one thing that always stands out is the multitude of entries on an airline industry payslip. Never let it be said that payroll is easy when it comes to your industry!

We specialise in mortgages for flight crew, cabin crew and all types of ground staff and pride ourselves on our professional and courteous manner. You need to know you are dealing with a company that understands this industry and who can find you a lender willing to take all your income into account, not just the part that is subject to tax which is the common response from a lot of lenders.

We appreciate that your working week is very different from ours and we will always seek to contact you at a time that is convenient. This can be by e-mail or by telephone, all you need to tell us is your whereabouts and we will make sure we fit in with your timetable and time zone, making the mortgage process as stress free as possible for you.

Finding a mortgage yourself is not impossible but finding the right lender who is not going to ignore part of your salary takes time. Let us remove that burden from you. Call us today on 0300 303 2700 to find out more about how we can get you the mortgage you want.