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Airline Mortgage Shop have a dedicated team of mortgage advisers who provide friendly, no obligation mortgage and insurance advice from our office in Southampton or over the telephone. Dealing exclusively with mortgages for airline staff, we can help flight staff, cabin crew and ground staff find the right mortgage for their circumstances.

We Understand your Pay Structure

Many mortgage lenders will not understand or take into account certain aspects of your pay such as allowances, deductions and special payments which are unique to your job. This can be very frustrating and you may find your application is rejected or you are not able to borrow enough for a suitable property. Airline Mortgage Shop understand your complex payment structures and will ensure you find a mortgage lender who will take into account all aspects of your pay.

Flexible Contact Times to Suit You

Often high street lenders require lengthy appointments in branch during their opening hours in order to speak to a mortgage adviser. Airline Mortgage Shop understand that due to the nature of your job, it may not always be convenient to contact you, or for you to contact us, during the normal working hours. We are very happy to arrange communication - by phone or email - at a time that is suitable for you.

Stress Free Mortgage Application

Using a broker to arrange your mortgage can save a lot of stress and hassle. Leave Airline Mortgage Shop to deal with all the paperwork and you can be assured that we are taking care of everything and will be in regular communication as your mortgage application progresses.

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Airline Mortgage Shop have a great reputation for helping those in the aviation industry into their new homes by securing them a suitable mortgage. Come and read some feedback from our previous happy customers.

For more information about how Airline Mortgage Shop can help you - please get in touch here or call 0300 303 2700.